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What is the Background Battle

What is the Background Battle

This kind of video is conceived by StatsCulture and named BackGround Battle "BGB".
It is a data visualisation that transforms some cold Statistics into a real visual and hot Battle.

The idea is to build two teams, team1 and team2 Each team member has a common belonging, for example, They could be from the same country, or just have something in common, anyway, that belonging will be declared in the video's Intro when the teams are presented.

The battle between the teams will be based on selection criteria defined in the video's Intro as well. That selection criterion should be a number value, like funs number or the money the member owns, or maybe something else.
The members of each team should be at the top of the selection criteria in their belonging.
For example, Team 1 is the list of The most popular Attack on titan characters
Team 2 is the list of The most popular Demon Slayer characters
for team 1:
The belonging is Attack on titan characters. The selection criteria are The number of funs in MyAnimeList(Popularity).
In the same scene we will watch the individual battles and the team battle.

1. The individual battle
Member Versus Member and the member who has the biggest value win, so we can see the fire behind him.

2. The Team battle
is the total of the individual members' values, so each time a member enters the scene, his value will be added to the value of his team, and we can see that, in the centre bar. so at the end of the video, we can see the total addition of all the values of the team members, and the biggest value gives the victory to the team.

The Background Battle:
Team 1 has a blue background with personalised images.
Team 2 has a red background with personalised images.
In the beginning, when the team's values are equal, we can see that the screen background is half blue and half red.
The more the total value of the team is bigger than the total value of the other team, the more the team background takes space.

The Background Waves:
we can see a permanent wave of a fight between the backgrounds, that wave is not random, and its curves, represent the individual member value.
If the two members' values are equal, so the curves of the wave are balanced between them.
But if one value is bigger than the other, the wave moves to the other side and gives an advantage to its background.

Attack On Titan VS Demon Slayer

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